What is a “Day of Wedding Coordinator”

wedding day plannerHave you been planning your wedding and wondering, “What the heck does a “Day of Wedding Coordinator” do!?”  At Everlasting Sounds, not only do you get one of our energizing DJs, but you also get a “Day of Wedding Coordinator” to make sure that your day is as perfect as you’ve been envisioning.

So back to your question, what the heck do we do?…

As a “Day of Wedding Coordinator”, we work with the staff of the venue, caterers, photographers, your bridal party and families to ensure that the day goes without a flaw. Our eyes are always locked on the bride to ensure that the wedding dress is bustled correctly, her hair isn’t falling down, and she’s having a good time.  We work very closely with the venue and captain to ensure everything flows smoothly and the food is hot for dinner. We make sure the right people are in the room for the correct event or dedication song. Our goal is to always be two steps ahead of what is next.

The bride and groom do not have worry about forgetting a thing because we will remind them what the next two events are throughout the night and get them ready.

For example, we remind the groom to put on his jacket before his first dance. We make sure that the bride has her garter on before the garter toss. We always check to ensure that the cake table has the knife and serving platter on it. One of our favorite jobs is coaching the best man and maid of honor on speech tips.

Other services that we offer above and beyond include:

  • Greeting guests and taking gifts when they walk in the reception area
  • Making sure that the guests sign guestbook and photo boards
  • Ensure guests take part in the photo booth
  • Release tables for captain called during dinner buffet
  • During ceremony we line up the bridal party and cue to the DJ when to start the next song
  • Guiding guests to where they should sit

Our main goal as DJ and “Day of  Wedding Coordinator” is to make sure that the customer service is impeccable and the dance floor is poppin!!